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Sheet Metal Ductwork Is Just The Beginning

Heavy fabrication and custom stainless steel have moved us into a premier role as a metal shop. Our skilled tradesmen and women thrive on complex projects.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Greater Wisconsin Sheet Metal has the skills, tools, and horsepower to complete custom metal working jobs on time and budget. Precision metal fabrication in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and iron.

We will help you map out an idea, or work from your drawings. The process for working with us is very simple and with capabilities like bending, welding, and high definition cutting, we build some of the most unique parts imaginable. We have 11,000sq feet of dedicated stainless-steel area and lifting to 40 tons for those big iron structure jobs. We can do nearly anything and have the experience to back it up.


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Spiral Ductwork

As a custom fabricator of spiral ductwork and accessories, GWSM can meet your requirements. Aluminum, galvanized, paint-grip, 4×4 mil polyvinyl, and stainless steel are available. We have the capacity to run 3” up to 48” rounds. Our spiral sheet metal is joined with E-Z Flanges, Barrel Clamps, Seal Systems, Spiral Pipe Connectors, or Companion Angle Rings.

Rectangular Ductwork

Aluminum, stainless steel, paint grip, galvanized, and polyvinyl-coated ductwork is available per your project needs. GWSM fabricates single and double-wall rectangular ductwork in 5’ lengths. All of our ductwork is completely customizable and tailored to your needs. You choose your degree, radius, and thickness.

Custom Fabrication

Our capabilites in custom metal working are extensive. We specialize in the more complex projects in iron, steel, aluminium and stainless steel. With 40tons of lifting capacity and dedicated floor space for larger items, we’ll get it done for you, no matter what it is.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Greater Wisconsin Sheet Metal we’re craftsmen with a passion. When it comes to custom stainless steel and heavy fabrication, we put our solid reputation into every bend, cut, and weld, ensuring your project is crafted with care and precision. Stainless steel is highly utilized because of it’s incredible properties that resist corrosion. And when the going gets tough, our heavy fabrication skills shine, tackling big challenges with a mix of strength, skill, and a bit of finesse. Choosing us means you’re getting a partner who’s as invested in your project’s success as you are.

Let’s build something amazing together.

Examples of some of our sheet metal creations, we specialize in ductwork, however, we can and do build some very cool things.

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Chad and Tom are great guys to work with and they get this business. They will not ever leave me hanging. Sometimes I have to ask for quick production and they try their best to get me in!


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