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Round Duct Elbows


Our product offering is meticulously crafted to meet the diverse and specific needs of our clients. We build standard ductwork in any metal you need. Custom fittings or strange sizing? No problem, we build all of our ductwork in-house so we can build to your exact specification. For unique project requirements, our specialty ducts and fittings are unparalleled, offering customizability with sizes up to 48 inches and spiral ducts extending up to 20 feet in length. Additionally, we offer attractive wholesale pricing options for other contractors, rewarding bulk purchases with significant cost advantages. 

SPiral Ductwork

As a custom fabricator of spiral ductwork and accessories, GWSM can meet your specific job requirements. Aluminum galvanized, paint-grip, 4×4 mil polyvinyl, and stainless steel are available in our standard 10’ lengths, however, we can run longer lengths if that’s your need. We have the capacity to run 3” up to 48” rounds. Our spiral sheet metal is joined with E-Z Flanges, Barrel Clamps, Seal Systems, Spiral Pipe Connectors, or Companion Angle Rings.

Rectangular Ductwork

Aluminum, stainless steel, paint grip, galvanized, and polyvinyl-coated ductwork is available per your project needs. GWSM fabricates single and double-wall rectangular ductwork in 5’ lengths. All of our ductwork is completely customizable and tailored to your needs. You choose your degree, radius, and thickness.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Greater Wisconsin Sheet Metal, we specialize in custom sheet metal fabrication, combining state-of-the-art technology with decades of industry expertise. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering superior quality and precision in every project, ensuring that your specific requirements are met with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Unmatched Fabrication Capabilities

Our facility is equipped with advanced machinery and tools, enabling us to handle a diverse range of projects. From intricate components to large-scale constructions, we have the expertise and equipment to fabricate high-quality sheet metal products tailored to your needs.

Impressive Lifting Power

One of our standout capabilities is our exceptional 40-ton lifting capacity. This significant strength allows us to undertake substantial and heavy-duty projects with ease, ensuring safe and efficient handling of large metal sheets and assemblies. This robust lifting power is a testament to our commitment to tackling challenging projects and delivering results that exceed expectations.


Standard Fittings

As a custom fabricator of spiral ductwork and accessories, GWSM can meet your specific job requirements. We are also a great supplier of standard HVAC fittings. Elbows, Tee’s, HETO, Take-offs, you name it we probably have it, we can definately get it. On standard fittings we feel like pricing is our strongest asset, check us out.

Standard Fittings
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