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Passivation services are designed to enhance the natural corrosion resistance of stainless steel and other metal surfaces, ensuring your system components achieve their maximum lifespan and reliability. Utilizing advanced chemical treatment processes, we meticulously remove free iron and other contaminants from the metal surface, forming a thin, inert oxide layer that shields against rust and degradation.
This process not only extends the life of your equipment but also maintains its pristine appearance and optimizes performance. By investing in our passivation solutions, you’re securing a cost-effective way to protect and enhance your valuable metal assets, ensuring they deliver peak efficiency and durability in even the most demanding environments. Discover how we can help you maximize the potential of your metal components with our expert passivation services.


Electro polishing, often referred to as the “reverse plating” process and is a way to achieve passivation because it meticulously refines and smoothens your metal components. This delivers a mirror-like finish and enhances corrosion resistance and cleanliness.
Ideal for stainless steel and other alloys our electro polishing process removes microscopic imperfections from the surface, reducing the risk of contamination and improving the material’s hygienic properties. The result is a component that not only operates at its highest efficiency but also withstands the test of time in harsh environments. By choosing to electropolish, you’re investing in a service that brings aesthetic appeal, functional superiority, and long-term savings through reduced maintenance and extended equipment life. Let us help you achieve a level of finish that enhances performance and impresses at first sight.
BIM CAD Design

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