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Auto Insulation Machine

Our PLSU2 Automatic Insulation Center is the latest in Automatic Liner Sizer cutters, with the capability to line ductwork from ½”, up to 2” liner. Its new cutting action allows us to accommodate virtually all insulation types on the market, including closed-cell products, cotton fiber, and Neoprene. It merges speed, accuracy, and consistency, ensuring top-notch insulation for every duct run. This insulation machine reduces labor costs and production time significantly. It’s not merely equipment; it’s a transformative element in our HVAC operations, elevating our standards in energy efficiency and environmental compliance. This machine has streamlined our workflow, placing us at the forefront of industry innovation.

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Auto Insulation Machine

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Our catalog has the complete line of standard ductwork that we build, by hand. This is a great reference when making orders for projects in advance. 

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